Monday, June 6, 2011

Color Palette: Gray and Orange Bedrooms

Gray and Orange: Vibrant Intelligence
The color orange combines the passionate energy of red and the happiness of yellow. Orange embodies creativity, fun, adventure, and excitement and gray is the perfect pairing to cool down this vibrant hue. I collected some examples of these two colors working together in perfect harmony.

Uh-oh. You've probably guessed by now that I love upholstered headboards, especially ones with contrasting welting or nailhead trim. In the example blow the orange upholstered bed really pops against the steel gray walls. The space is further enhanced with fabrics in contrasting black & white. Notice the greek key and check patterned fabrics on the throw and bolter pillows and the zig zag pattern on the area rug. The window treatments and bedding are tied together with grossgrain ribbon trim.
In this bedroom, a lighter gray is used on the walls and bedding, while the use of orange is limited to the side chair and the coral print pillows. Note the desk painted in a cool aqua blue color which is complimentary to this shade of orange.

This modern bedroom with an asian flair brings orange into the space via the throw pillows and chaise lounge. A warm, taupy gray is added to the walls. Orange can also be seen in the coordinating fabric on the roman shades and bolster pillows. Black crown molding in the trey ceiling accentuates the architecture and also ties into the fabric used on the window treatments and bedding.

Here's a great example of a mix-use space. This nursery must also function as a guest bedroom, therefore the sophisticated palette of gray and orange is used to keep the room from looking to childish. A chocolaty brown is introduced through the arm chair, lamp shade, and upholstered headboard to bring more warmth into the space. The argyle wall treatment provides a preppy focal point.

  If you were to use gray and orange in your home, what room would you use it in? Would you play it safe and use gray as the primary color or go all out with orange?


  1. Its like having gushy orange on a cloudy day.
    Love it.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. Yes! My sentiments exactly. I can't take too much orange in a room and gray provides the perfect balance.

  3. Love this color palette toooo!! Oh don't make me change my mind from yellow to orange...

    Love the gray on the 1st pic and the clean lines of the nd and 3rd pic... Loving it!

  4. Hmmm...what a delicious dilemma. What would it take to bring you over to the orange side?

  5. One of my clients was crazy about orange. I knew it would be overwhelming except in small doses so I paired it with varying shades of grey. It looked phenomenal. It's a color combination that does not get old.

  6. I agree. I would love to see the room you mentioned. I bet it does look fantastic.

  7. Safe to say you had me at grey and orange. My favorite colors du jour and the very colors used in my own blog design. Great to find another kindred design spirit - wife, mommy, day job, interior decorator! Our names are also similar.

    1. Thank you for comments! Much success to your business endeavors and your mommy endeavors, too. I'm always on Pinterest and you can find my pins on twitter @livluvdesign. I will look up your blog and follow it too.


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