Monday, May 30, 2011

Color Palette: Gray and Turquoise Bedrooms

Gray and Turquoise - Timeless Tranquility
Turquoise is the color of communication, self-awareness and initiative. Like the color of the waters surrounding the Caribbean islands, colors like cyan, aquamarine, and turquoise have the power to relax and refresh the body and mind. Paired with atmospheric quality of gray, turquoise invokes the spirit of a secluded and peaceful oceanside retreat. Below are some amazing examples of how well these two colors work together in bedrooms.

I like this bedroom because it is unapologetically girly. The focal wall features a gray wall with a silver metallic scroll pattern while the arm chair and the bed pillow in deep turquoise provides a jolt of energy. The room is grounded out with a black nightstand. Glam Alert!: Touches of bling can be found in the crystal beaded curtains and the chrome bedside table lamp.


Below is a similar room to the one above, but here's where this room stands out; visual interest is brought into the space with the gold metallic accents in the wallpaper, table lamps, and frames. The tufted headboard ulpholstered in a rich deep teal velvet provides the room with depth and an interesting focal point. The apple green pillow shams brings fresh energy to the space.

The words; light and breezy come to mind when I evaluate the space below. Rich, ornate crown and picture moldings give this room a stately and formal appearance. Painting the picture moldings the same colors as the walls provides texture without too much contrast. A contemporary four poster canopy bed and linens round out the space.
I like the masculine element that is brought into this space with the charcoal gray walls. The light aqua headboard, bedskirt, and chair provide an airy and tranquil quality balancing the dark cozyness of the walls. This room is a study in symmetry with the identical nightstands, lamps, and wall mirrors. Who says you can't take the beach with you! A pair of white-washed nightstands remind me of sandblasted, sun bleached trees lying along the shore.

Here's a room for you commitment-phobes! The room is kept in the gray zone through the fabric covered walls, draperies, bedding, and flooring, while pops of color are brought in with the shams on the bed and the upholstered ottomans under the desk. With a set up like this, the color scheme can be switched out with the seasons at a very minimal cost.


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