Thursday, April 7, 2011

What color goes best with gray?

Pantone may have picked Honeysuckle as the color for 2011, but it's the color Gray that has my rapt attention. It's the new black and can certainly lend itself to either contemporary or traditional design. But the question on most homeowners minds' is what do you pair it with?

What's so special about Gray you may ask? defines it as "the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom". It's classic and contemporary at the same time. It's restrained yet elegant, but it can also be sleek and refined. To me, Gray is a perfect neutral.

Naturally in design, lighter Grays paired with pastel colors take on feminine qualities, while darker Grays paired with darker colors bring a more masculine mood to a space. Gray, unless it's in the taupe family, gives off a cool vibe and can be used to cool down a warm palette.

In this new series, I will explore several color combinations featuring gray in a supporting role, while it's better half becomes the "scene stealer".

Below are some of the color combinations we'll explore:

Gray + Lavendar
Gray + Turquiose
Gray + Yellow
Gray + Orange
Gray + Lime
Gray + Pink
Gray + Black
Gray + White


  1. Gray and yellow is my absolute favorite!!

  2. Hi Tia,

    I love Gray and yellow, too. I like the yin-yang effect of the moody gray contrasting with the cheery disposition of yellow. I found some great photos of gray and yellow bedrooms and I can't wait to share.


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