Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Color Palette: Gray and Yellow bedrooms

Gray and Yellow: Sophisticated Happiness
The color yellow embodies optimism, energy, and happiness. Gray is the perfect foil to tone down this admittedly cheery color. Below are some amazing examples of how well these two colors work together in bedrooms.

I personally love this yellow ulpholstered bed against the gray walls. If the walls were left white, I don't think the yellow bed would have as much of an impact, but here the gray walls provide contrast and add depth and dimension to the space. Look at how the designer kept to the warm color family by incorporating the green velvet chair.
In this example, the designer kept the room light and airy by using paler shades of gray and silver metallics on the walls and bedding, while pops of yellow were brought in via the lamps and arm chairs. Graphic black and white pillows and rugs ground the space.
Yellow furniture accents
 If you want to go for a more dramatic play on the gray and yellow color palette, consider using the darker more masculine tones of gray with yellow. Here the "almost black" gray walls provide the perfect stage to allow the yellow accents to steal the show. With all the dark colors used in the space, your eye is immediately drawn to the yellow vases and flowers. Visual interest is added to the dark walls by using a patterned wallpaper with metallic accents. The same look can be achieved with stenciling (If you know of any cool stencil sites, let me know).

Here's another light and airy room featuring the gray and yellow color palette. In this room the designer cast both gray and yellow in a supporting role adding it to the bedskirt, throw pillows, artwork, and fabric on the side chair, while white dominates the space. I love the contrast of the soft and hard surfaces; the soft upholstered headboard against the white-washed wall.

Yellow fabric accents

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  1. Love this color palette!! I'm actually working on a bedroom with this colors. I love it!!

    Tell me what you think? I have some pics on my blog today!

    Thanks AprilDenise


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