Thursday, November 4, 2010

Festive tablescapes ideas for an all girls event

Sometimes a girl just needs any old excuse to get together with friends and nosh on sweet treats. This time it's a party with a purpose as my church is having a "Meet & Greet" to get to know our pastor's lovely wife. We decided on a dessert reception to keep the occassion light and festive.

I volunteered myself to help with the decorations and to provide a sweet treat or two for the occassion. Deciding on a theme is tricky; do we pay homage to Fall with bold jewel tones and warm hues or keep it sugary sweet with confectionary pink? How about a little bit of both?

I'm inspired by this image below from Elle Decor that was posted on Apartment Therapy's website last week. Here the design embraces Fall browns, pinks, and oranges with plenty mirror and crystal accents (check out the ultra-femme chandelier). The chocolate brown could easily be incorporated through the tablecloths and placements or maybe even the base for handmade napkin rings. The pink and orange would come into play with the decorations for the candleholders and a really cool paper craft I saw in the Winter 2010 Do It Yourself magazine. The touches of crystal and mirror accents can be brought into the design with the numerous votive cups, vases, and candlesticks I have on hand.

Apartment Therapy
I'm so excited to see how this will turn out! The event is on November 13th so that doesn't leave much time to plan or execute, but I think we can pull it through. I've gotta make a trip to Michael's and the Dollar store this weekend to see what I can find.

I'll leave you with a few more images I snagged from the internet for inspiration.

Confectionary overload

This reception is saturated with color!

Classic black, white, and blush.

I hope our dessert table turns out like this.

Pink & orange with metallic gold and crystal accents. Lots of sparkle!!!

If you're planning a party soon, check out for color schemes, table settings, floral ideas and more.


  1. Oh how fun! I can't wait to see how your tablescape turn out!

  2. Hey y'all! I have been out of commission and haven't been on my blog in three weeks! The event turned out great and I can't wait to post the pics.


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